Advanced Analysis with R Text Mining Solution

R.TeMiS (R Text MIning Solution) (Bouchet-Valat & Bastin, 2013) is a R (RcmdrPlugin.temis) package (Bouchet-Valat, 2016), conceived as a R Commander plugin, which allows analyzing, manipulating and creating Corpus of texts (Garnier, 2014). The statistical architecture of RTemis is handled by the tm package developed by Ingo Feinerer (Feinerer, 2008, 2011, Feinerer, Hornik and Meyer, 2008). R.TeMiS has been completed with other classic R packages, such as the Nenadic and Greenacre Correspondence Factor Analysis (2007) package. Specific packages have also been developed to facilitate the use of R.TeMiS in the press studies, for example for the management of the corpus of press articles in the Factiva database. R.TeMiS is presented as an R Commander plugin, developed by Fox (2005), which facilitates its use for non-users of R.

Date:October 16 (Monday)
Speaker:Dr. José Pino Díaz. Málaga University
Duration:4 hours
Goals:The workshop is transversal, multidisciplinary and initiatory; Is intended for people interested in analyzing large sets of text documents; Basic knowledge of computer science, text mining, computational linguistics, textual and R. statistics.

– Presentation of R software, Rcommander interface and R Text Mining Solution package.
– Fundamentals of textual statistical analysis, clustering and factorial analysis of correspondences.
– Practical application of text mining of text corpus in TXT and CSV files.

Requirements:Participants must bring their own laptop.
Number of participants
(Minimum for the workshop):
Price:– enrolled in HDH2017: € 6
– not enrolled in HDH2017: € 12