Research seminars in Social Sciences
and Digital Humanities in the UMA

Date: May 24 / Place: Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

(The session will be morning or afternoon depending on the greater availability of the subscribers)

The development of computer technologies and the expansion of the digital environment have led to important transformations, which are having a special impact in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. New working methodologies and paradigms of interpretation are remodeling the bases on which these disciplines have traditionally been based. Not only that, these spaces of convergence, currently called Social Sciences and Digital Humanities, have experienced in recent years a rapid process of institutionalization, to which Spain is beginning to incorporate. Agencies and international research programs have long included the Social Sciences and Digital Humanities among the strategic lines of financing.

As part of the activities carried out in connection with the III International Congress of Hispanic Digital Humanities, organized this year by the University of Málaga in collaboration with other national and international institutions (see http: //, the Local Committee Organizer, with the support of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, the Vice-Rectorate for Strategic Projects, the Vice-Rectorate for Research, the Vice-Rectorate for University Extension and the Vice-Rector for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, convenes the First Research Days in Social Sciences and Humanities in ONE (UMA-CSHD).

UMA-CSHD is open to all groups and researchers who are working in these spaces of convergence between computer technologies, digital media, culture and humanities, and want to make known to the rest of the university community their projects. The ultimate objective of this activity is to promote the meeting to create a scenario that favors the synergies between the different research groups and that, therefore, allows us to work more articulately using the own resources with which the UMA already counts, in addition to increasing Their visibility in the national and international context.

Therefore, this meeting is also open to all those who consider that their research projects can bring new approaches, methodologies and lines of research to the field of Social Sciences, Humanities and Culture.

The presentations will last for 10 minutes, in the format deemed appropriate, and will be developed in a relaxed and informal environment.

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