Sentiment Analysis with Lingmotif

Lingmotif, makes it easy to analyze texts, both general and specialized language and uses specialized user-generated lexicons. It is not a simple document sorter, but, visually, it provides a detailed analysis of content from the point of view of the feeling of texts. Its adaptive nature allows you to create context rules that define how it modifies the lexical units charged with feeling established in the dictionaries of the application.

Date:October 16 (Monday)
Speaker:Dr. Antonio Moreno Ortiz. Málaga University
Duration:4 hours
Goals:– To know the methodologies used in the analysis of automated feeling in texts.
– Learn how to use the Lingmotif tool to take advantage of its possibilities:
– Learn how to prepare data for analysis in SA tools: text coding, preparation of data sets.
– Analyze long texts and interpret sentiment profiles.
– Compare documents in parallel (debates and characters).
– Classify Twitter data sets according to their polarity.
– Analyze time series.
Requirements:Participants must bring their own laptop.
Number of participants
(Minimum for the workshop):
Price:– enrolled in HDH2017: € 6
– not enrolled in HDH2017: € 12